How Soft Enamel Pins Are Made

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How Soft Enamel Pins Are Made
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Soft enamel lapel pins are one of our most popular pin styles.
These die struck pins start out from a roll of copper, brass or iron raw metal, and are struck using a die that is created of your design, leaving an impression in the metal. It’s this impression that defines the image on the face of your pin, which then receives enamel paint colors, which are applied one at a time and let to dry individually.

Once the paint is dried, your pins undergo an electroplating process (exactly like that of costume jewelry) where they receive a high quality plating such as gold, nickel, copper, brass or one of our antique finishes. We offer dyed black metal as well as black nickel for a unique appearance.

After plating, your soft enamel pins can receive a clear epoxy coating (dome) to protect the colors, or simply as an aesthetic preference. Soft enamel lapel pins offer great looks at an affordable price, and are extremely popular for uses ranging from corporate pins that are worn by executives, to pins for charitable organizations, employee recognition awards and many others!