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A lapel pin, sometimes called a "badge" or a "button," is a small pin with a separate backing that is most often worn on the lapel of a suit. Some lapel pins are purely decorative, but others are used to show achievement, such as employee recognition, or membership in an organization such as fraternities, sororities and professional associations. The proper placement of a lapel pin can vary based on your clothing, gender and what the pin itself represents.

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As the name suggests, a lapel pin is a pin worn on your lapel. There are a excellent deal types of lapel pins that are suitable according to the design that you want it to have. The design is only limited by your imagination. They can be custom made with your company logo, emblem or any other design that you may want. Lapel pins create exceptional promotional products because they look excellent, are created fastly, and are very affordable.

You will find a cool business card that people would never throw away that is a bit more professional that would still stand out.

People wear lapel pins for many reasons, and there is an almost endless variety of pins from which to choose. Many times people wear pins to promote an event or business. They also wear them to show achievement in a certain area of expertise or skill, and to promote causes and silently gain support for them. For example, people wear the pink breast cancer ribbon on their clothing or suits to promote breast cancer awareness.

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