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MOQ depends on material and process.Any order quantity is welcome. But some type of products are high cost that not suitable small order.
In general speaking, a MOQ of 100pcs per order.
Sorry, we do not accept credit balance at this moment, we accept PayPal, Western Union or you can wire the money directory to our bank account.
We do not aim our job only in production but also in building strong and long term relationship with our customers. Our success based on customer satisfaction. Further, each order has a SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) to follow. Production is only proceeded after all details have been confirmed. We do 100% inspected before shipment, and take responsibility for default goes beyond acceptance.
Sure, But the authority should be yours, or has certificate of authorization for using it.
Production lead time depends on production process and order quantity, normally the sample lead time is 7days, mass production lead time is 7-15days.
CMYK each letter represents the color that used in offset printing – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black.
Stainless steel has a coating on it to prevent rusty, therefore no plating is needed. We usually do plating on products that made of brass, copper, iron and zinc alloy.
Stainless steel as well as iron are high density materials.
Stamping on high density materials, the mold will be easily damaged and result in high product default rate, therefore it is not recommended.
With stamping process, is metal border necessary?
The fundamental of stamping technique is to create borders, and shape up the pattern on metal plate.
Further, the metal borders separate each zone and enable the product to be filled with different colors.
The major differences between these three coloring materials will be in terms of production techniques and color rendering.
Hard Enamel differs from Soft and Synthetic Enamel. It is natural mineral substance and melted during heating process. It is not as bright and shiny as Soft and Synthetic Enamel, but the color lasts for hundreds of years without destroying on purpose.
Soft Enamel, in general speaking, it is cheaper in cost compare to Synthetic and Hard Enamel. It has a similar color render to Synthetic Enamel but color zones recess and lower than metal boarders. Metal boarders are easy to define.
It is different printing technique and mainly differ in color presentation. Silkscreen often used for simple design with less and solid colors while offset printing is suitable for complex artwork and tonal colors. E.g: more like a photo effect looking.
Vectorised File Type and Extension
The file must be of a Vector-type – with either a .EPS, .AI or .PDF file extension – and all text saved as outlines. Vector files are made up of mathematically drawn vectors with X and Y-axis positional information for each element. This allows the complete design to be scaled in size (up or down) without loss of definition or pixelation. In addition within a Vector file, text can be saved as outlines (or join-the-dots as we sometimes call it). To check if a file is a Vector file, open it within Adobe Illustrator and click on the text. If the text changes to an outline of lines and dots, it is a Vector file with the text saved as outlines. The reason for saving the fonts as outlines is that in outline form, the font will be repeated on a different PC in exactly the same font format as sent. Without the text saved as outlines any PC that opens the file could see a substituted font.
We often receive artwork generated within Adobe Photoshop – a more readily accessible package. As Photoshop can save files with an .EPS format, clients sometimes assume that their file will automatically convert to a Vector file when opened in Adobe Illustrator. This is not the case. Any file created within Photoshop is of a Raster file format, with the final image made up of coloured pixels as in a photograph. Common file extensions include: .PSD, .PDD, .JPG, .TIF, .BMP, .GIF or . PNG.
Another common package is Microsoft Publisher. This again cannot save files in a Vector format. A further complication, is that designers sometimes use packages like Publisher to introduce 3D tones and shading. These are impossible to reproduce without the use of a 4-colour printing process such as Litho or Dye sublimation.
Font and Size Specification
Any fonts used must be legible at the size to be used within the imprint. The most common font families are Arial and Times Roman. To test the legibility of your imprint, draw the imprint area to scale using a Word Processor, place your imprint within it and print on your own laser or inkjet printer. Even if you can still see all the text we may advise you to increase the font size to prevent ink bleed into non-printing areas of the font characters.
Colour Reference
An imprint may have a one, two, three or four colour aspect. All non-process colours (black or white) should have a Pantone Matching System (PMS) reference. Other formats include CMYK and RGB.
Pantone colours use a unique reference such as Pantone 2707 U to indicate their colour and finish. In this case a light sky blue, uncoated. The image used at the top of this page shows a Pantone reference guide. Electronic versions are also available which can be opened as swatches within Adobe Illustrator (and to complicate matters – Adobe Photoshop).CMYK printing uses four primary print colours: C-Cyan, M-Magenta, Y-Yellow and K-Black. For example C44%, M100%, Y30%, K9% tells a printer to produce a specific lilac purple. To check the CMYK reference for each colour used in a piece of artwork in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop using the Eyedropper tool. Some of our printers may allow a CMYK reference instead of a Pantone reference, especially for four-colour process printing. If this is not possible we may have to use a Pantone:CMYK bridge to identify the nearest Pantone equivalent with you.
RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue and is commonly used to define colours on a PC screen. Some printers can convert CMYK to Pantone or RGB but a colour shift can occur leading to differences when printed. Within Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop the Eyedropper tool can be used to check the RGB reference.
Artwork Delays
The best advice we can provide is to sort out your artwork as soon as you know you will want promotional items, even before you have selected them. We can then be in a position to ensure we do not allow Artwork Conversion or Generation processes to introduce unnecessary delays. Even a minor change to artwork can cause a one or two day delay, and it is for this reason that all delivery times are quoted from artwork acceptance.
Artwork Proofs
Except for our express service items, all gifts are subject to a signed off Artwork Proof. This is your last chance to catch any errors before we print. Please make sure you always treble check the proof and if in doubt ask questions because once printed it is virtually impossible to correct an error. Artwork proofs are generally sent by fax or email. Once your proof is signed off we immediately instruct our production teams to schedule the work and sometimes your jobs can hit the printing presses within minutes of this.
Import from China, it can't be more easy even you are not company and have no import license, we can deliver the productions to your hand by DHL/UPS/FedEx or by air, it is so easy like following steps.
The process starts when you first contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. Whether you have an existing products you want to duplicate, or are creating a new design with your logo, you'll find our designers personally attentive, resourceful and creative.
--- Send us what you have (Preferred Formats: Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw ), Based on your individual requirements, we can make helpful suggestions - even brainstorm with you to help find the right design and the best type of products to meet your objectives. We can help you select suitable material, size, colors and finishes.
--- If you do not have a design, our art department can create one for you. If you are up against a tight deadline, just ask. You might be surprised how quickly we can move things along for you. Whether you have a complicated order or a simple one, our specialists will follow through on the details to make sure your order is right and right on time.
--- Prices are based on order quantity and product size. We guarantee that your purchase will be the lowest price and the best quality. As order quantity increases the unit price decreases for all products. We accept Western Union, Bank Wire payment. Please contact us for a price quote.