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Cell Phone Lanyard with WLobster Clasp

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Cell Phone Lanyard with WLobster Clasp


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Since the 1980s the use of cell phones, mobile phones, call them what you will, has exploded.

How often do people drop their cell phones? I have a few times and I consider myself to be careful, especially with expensive breakable things. I have seen phones get dropped and smashed, dropped in water; it only takes a second to lose grip or get clumsy and its either beyond repair or looks tatty and damaged. If like me you sell on your old cell phones you will want them to stay in tip top condition for as long as possible, ensuring the best price when you sell.?

All good reasons to get yourself a cell phone lanyard I would say. Many people dont bother as it may make their cell phone less trendy. Wait though, lanyards for cell phones are getting popular. They come in all sorts of materials and colors and can even be customized. A customized lanyard can actually make you cell phone look cool and unique. How about a different lanyards customized to your personality or moods?

I am not saying that you simply cannot live your life without a lanyard for your phone but I am saying there are a number of benefits to using one. Take a look at some examples.

Most lanyards that are designed for cell phones have a thin piece of material in a loop at one end. This threads through a slit on the side of the phone or at the corner and allows the lanyard to attach easily.

Some phones dont have such a slit or attachment facility. There are a number of things you can do to get creative, without spoiling the look or the function of the phone or the lanyard.


Material: Nylon cord and Zinc Alloy

Size: 7cm and Thickness:0.7mm

Process: Machine

Plating: None

Attachment: None

Backside: N/A

Remark: You can create a custom style with your design.

Title: Cell Phone Lanyard with WLobster Clasp


Incredibly Versatile

More different size and style to you for choose
Can printing your company logo and staff name on it
Safety pin and magnet on the back to you more using

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High Quality

Bad Shap with black paint
Simple but not easy design
Strong Magnet

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