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Korenec Ballmarkers

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Korenec Ballmarkers


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It is necessary in golf to mark your ball once it is on the green in order to allow players further away to putt. If players did not mark their golf balls, then other players might hit the ball with their ball when they putt. Marking a golf ball on a green must be done properly and according to the rules of the game, or players can be subject to penalties.

Item No.: MGB-10002

Material: Iron

Size: Diameter 25.4mm

Process: Soft enamel

Plating: Nickel

Attachment: N/A

Backside: N/A

Remark: You can create a custom style with your design.

Title: Korenec Ballmarkers


Incredibly Versatile

More different size and style to you for choose
Can printing your company logo and staff name on it
Safety pin and magnet on the back to you more using

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High Quality

Bad Shap with black paint
Simple but not easy design
Strong Magnet

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