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Metal Shoe Horn

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Metal Shoe Horn


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A shoehorn or shoe horn (sometimes called a shoespooner) is a tool that lets the user put on a shoe more easily. It does so by keeping the shoe open and by providing a smooth surface for the foot and the heel to move, without crushing the shoe's counter (the vertical portion of the shoe that wraps around the back of the foot), in this way acting as a first class lever. Originally, shoehorns were made from animal horn, or hoofs, and some made from bulls' hoofs are still available for purchase. Today plastic, metal and wood are most often used. They were also made of glass and even paper. Expensive shoehorns were made from ivory, silver, shell, or bone.

There are various sizes of shoehorns, though the basic shape varies little except for the length of the handle. Long handled shoe horns, for example, are necessary for longer boots, and also used to reduce bending and straining by persons lacking joint mobility (e.g., older persons), while shoe horns with sturdy handles are useful for putting on boots or heavy iron shoes.

Item No.: MOT-10008

Material: Brass

Size: 100mm * 35mm

Process: Die Struck

Plating: Gold

Attachment: Ball Chains

Backside: Plain

Remark: You can create a custom style with your design.

Title: Metal Shoe Horn


Incredibly Versatile

More different size and style to you for choose
Can printing your company logo and staff name on it
Safety pin and magnet on the back to you more using

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High Quality

Bad Shap with black paint
Simple but not easy design
Strong Magnet

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